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Let’s talk Tents.

For our Unit camps, we prefer, if possible, for you to provide your own tent, if you can’t then don’t worry, we can sort one for you but we need to know in advance, this is an important part of you taking more responsibility for your own camping.

We are extremely flexible, we also understand that spending nights away from home can be quite stressful for some, actually these anxieties can get worse as you get older. So what we’d ask you to do is tell us what you want and propose solutions; we will listen.

Can I have a tent to myself?

If you bring your own then absolutely, if you ask us to provide one it might be a patrol tent with other people.

Can my mates share my tent?

Yes, they can but be aware there are some additional considerations under the current Covid rules so please discuss this with us in advance.

Is it true that boys and girls are allowed to share tents?

Yes, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should. There are good reasons why there is not an absolute ban. For instance, emergency situations and making sure all young people are included regardless of how they feel about their gender. However, in general we don’t, not because we don’t trust you, but simply because the perception of other people causes more hassle than it’s worth.

Can I use a tarp, hammock or bivvy bag?

Lot’s of our explorers do and we always try and select sites where this is possible. We do have some tarps if you want to give it a go.

If I’m buying a tent what should I buy?

Ask this question on any Scout forum and it will start heated arguments in very quick time!

For what it’s worth this is our opinion, but others will disagree.

  • In general the bigger the tent the more of a pain in the neck it becomes. They are harder to put up, take longer to dry and are more susceptible to damage.
  • If you are brand conscious then Coleman, Vango, Outwell and Eurohike all have good reputations.
  • Don’t dismiss the others, Decathlon’s Qechua brand and Aldi’s stuff ain’t bad and we still have a second hand Argos Pro-Action tent going strong.

What about inflatable and pop-up tents.

To be honest we’re yet to be convinced on inflatable tents but by all means prove us wrong. We’ve had lots of explorers turn up with cheap festival tents and to be fair they’ve all worked fine, they won’t last that long and single skin tents do get damp but they’ve kept everyone dry so far.

If I want to make Jim seethe with envy and spend the whole camp muttering to himself even more than usual what should I bring?

A Vango Force 10.