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Our Programme

Whether you just want to spend quality time with your friends in the fresh air or develop new skills from cooking to mechanics there's a place in our programme for you


We put the OUT into SCOUT

We run a minimum of two thirds of our programme outdoors


Loyalty, Trust and Respect

As scouts we have a common set of values, but with the space to develop our own opinions


From cooking to woodwork, there's something for everyone.

Try something new or develop something you enjoy, you have a big say in what you do


from simple one night camps to International trips

Camping has been right at the heart of our movement from day 1!


Playing you part to make where you live a better place

Helping in our community in a fun and rewarding way


Relaxed, low pressure Scouting

Sometimes, when the school and college work is piling on, you just need to chill.