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Top Awards:

Every section has a top award, In Explorers we have four! The Chief Scouts Platinum and Diamond Awards, Young leader belt and The Explorer Belt.
As a Unit we focus most on the 2 Chief Scouts Awards

platinum diamond

And D of E?

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award supports the Scout Awards, you can get D of E Bronze and Silver as you work towards the Scout Awards. Or, you can just focus on D of E or do the Scout Awards without doing D of E! Remember flexibility is at the heart of Explorer Scouting

We Are Not Elitist!

Gaining your top award doesn’t make you elite, it isn’t about getting to a certain rank or a grade. It’s a personal journey, it says:

  • I’ve done my best
  • I’ve pushed myself
  • I’ve developed as a person

Every Explorer who wants to achieve their award can.

Awards are assessed by the District, but your Unit Leaders know you best, we are here to support you, guide you and make sure your voice is heard.

But you will have to work for it. If you are the Explorer who excels in everything Scouty don’t expect to “walk it”, we’ll make you work just as hard as the Explorer who struggles with some things.

What if I’m not interested in awards?

We understand you’ve got a lot going on like exams and career choices and the last thing you want is more pressure. We have some amazing Explorers, who live up to every expectation of being a Scout but are not at all awards focused, and that’s absolutely fine.