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Welcome to The Viewpoint

Teenagers are renowned for being either monosyllabic or rowdy but actually there's a lot going on under that moody or brash surface. The problem is they are quite often afraid to express what their opinions really are, fear of being misunderstood or having the micky taken out of them by their peers means that society is missing out on some really interesting points of view. That's why we've created this anonymous blog, it allows our Explorers the freedom to be creative and express themselves. There are a variety of reasons why they might want to do this, it might be to complete awards or just to get something off their chest that they feel passionate about. Some Blogs are the work of individuals, some are a collaboration. Everything goes through an editorial process; adults give tips and guidance and when we are all happy, we publish it. Adult Leaders also use this space to share thoughts or stories but again we’ve decided to make this an anonymous space as leaders we don’t want to become celebrities, that's not what we are in Scouting for.