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Support For Members of The Scout Section Starting D of E at School

So, you’re not in Explorers yet but you’ve decided to get stuck into your D of E at school, Well done you! We love to see young people with the drive and enthusiasm to get on with things.


Where does D of E fit into Explorers?

You might have friends in Explorers who talk about doing their D of E, but that’s just a steppingstone to bigger and better things. If you’ve been through the younger sections you’ll know about the Chief Scouts Awards, Bronze for Beavers, Silver for Cubs and hopefully you’re well on the way to your Gold in Scouts.

In Explorers there are still Chief Scout’s Awards, two of them in fact; Platinum and Diamond. Your D of E is often the starting point for these.

Once you’ve got your Bronze DofE you add parts from the Scout's Platinum International, Community and Values List and get your Chief Scouts Platinum.

The same with Silver DofE, complete the relevent parts from the Scout's Diamond International, Community and Values List and you get Diamond.

And Gold D of E? Well that’s the big one, complete the relevent parts from King's Scout International, Community and Values List and you’re a King’s Scout!

Can I move my D of E to Explorers at a later date?

The people running DofE, like schools, Scouts or Cadets, are called providers. One of the great bits about D of E, you can transfer it to different providers quite easily and you don’t have to start anything again.

Will my D of E done at school be accepted in Explorers?

Yes. But there’s a few areas to be careful about.

You shouldn’t use your D of E to cover any parts of your Chief Scouts Gold Award, nor should you use your Scout challenge badges as evidence for your D of E. Otherwise you’d be using the same things to cover two Scout awards. That’s why we encourage you to discuss your D of E plans with us.

How can we support you before you join Explorers?


Not sure what to do for your physical, volunteering or skills sections? We can help you kick around ideas and come up with something really good, or help you think about who your assessor is going to be.

We’ll also make sure that it fits in properly with the Scout Award bits so that when you do join Explorers everything goes smoothly


Feel like you are drifting a bit? Not getting on with things as well as you’d like. Let’s have a chat about it and see if we can get things back on track.

Volunteering Younger Sections

Helping out with Cubs or Beavers is a great way to cover the volunteering sections. However there are a few rules that need to be followed so please talk to us before you start so we can make sure everything is done properly.

Assessors Reports

We’ve written loads of them, and we know how the system works! Depending on what you have chosen we might be the one writing the report, or we can give some help to your chosen assessor; sometimes they can struggle a bit thinking of what to say or dealing with the DofE system.

D of E Expeditions

If you haven’t done your D of E expedition by the time you join Explorers you can consider transferring and doing it with us. But you need to bear in mind that there is an Expedition Training weekend that you will need to attend first.

How does this support work?

Well that’s up to you in many respects we’re not going to hassle you or nag, but if you want a hand, drop us a line

First of all why not just say Hi!. Send us an email and let us know what you’ve got planed, ask questions If you use social media, you can message us through our facebook or Instagram account.

If you want to discuss things we can do email, zoom or even pop in to see you.

You need to remember that we have certain rules that are needed to keep everyone safe, if you send us an email copy your parents in, we will always reply with another adult in copy.

Messages and comments on our social media accounts are always seen by two adults

Please don’t send us friend or follow requests to our personal accounts, to be honest we’re pretty old and boring so you won’t be missing much.