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Knife Policy

Knives are useful tools for bushcraft, green woodwork and the outdoor life, but the way we use them needs to be safe and respect society's attitudes


Working with knives, axes and saws in Scouts goes back a long way. Keith Richards relished the "Chance to swagger about with a knife on your belt" although he did admit "you didn't get the knife until you'd got a few badges".

Times have changed, and whilst Kieth is an incredible musician we wouldn't hold him up as a role model for modern Scouting! Society's attitudes to knives have changed and we formulted this policy in partnership with the Explorers to set out how we will approach things


  • Knives are tools, they are not status symbols. We should take pride in having good tools, and the right tools for the job, but there is no need to show them off when we don't need them
  • We will provide you with the equipment you need, Don't bring knives to Explorers unless you are told to
  • Use the right tool for the job, you don't need an 8" blade for whitling!
  • Never carry knives in public on Explorer events such as expeditions, Leaders will arrange to transport them to camp for you if they are needed
  • Don't start splitting hairs over what is and isn't legal to carry in public."Going to Scouts" is not a valid justification for carrying a bladed item in a public place
  • Throwing knives is a banned activity in Scouting